Tuesday, October 25, 2011


There are lots of games which shine for two-player, head-to-head action, Ninja Versus Ninja being a fun example (more on that in a moment).
The same can be said of games which accommodate four players.
There is however, something of a hole in between, games which are good as three-player options.
Enter Pirate Versus Pirate, a game designed by Max Winter Osterhaus, and released in 2010 by Out of the Box.
The game holds much in common with the aforementioned Ninja Versus Ninja game, although that fun little offering was designed by Tushar Gheewala.
With Pirates you have a game which plays with two, or with three players, although its something of a rare situation in board games, seems best suited to three-player action.
That in itself is a reason to check this one out. There are times two buds show up, and the options past the old standby cribbage, and a few others, mean board game action may not be on the agenda. PVP fills that niche quite nicely.
Now this is not a game where skill wins out. Dice controls a players fate as they attempt to get to the gold coins and get them back safely. So if the dice are kind to you, your odds of success are better.
In this case the 'luck' of the dice really seems to fit. This is a quick little game designed to be fun.
That may mean you won't want to play a half dozen games at a sitting, but it will be a game you'll likely be willing to pull out every few weeks for some quick fun.
The rules are pretty simple, and can be played by children probably in the seven/eight-age range. That can make it a nice family game, and is likely to attract boys with its theme.
Like its Ninja predecessor PVP has amazing miniatures as game pieces. The production standard is really more than you might expect in a quickly game like this.
The dice have a unique shape too which is rather interesting too.
When you consider the production quality of the game, its simplicity, and the three-player capability, PVP has a lot to offer, as long as you recognize luck will rule the high seas more often than not.
That factor might leave you yelling Argghhhh in your best pirate interpretation, or crying into a flagon of grog, but it will all be in fun.
Check it out at www.otb-games.com

-- Review appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper February 16, 2011 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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