Saturday, September 1, 2012

Review -- ICEDICE

In the world of boardgaming Looney Labs will forever hold a place of near reverence for its creation of the stackable plastic pyramid as a versatile gaming tool.
The Looney Pyramids are so simple, yet no one had envisioned it back in 1989.
The pyramids come in a set with three sizes. The pieces nest inside each other, the medium over the small, and the large then going over the medium in a way reminiscent of the Russian Matryoshka dolls.
As a game mechanic nesting can be very useful.
If you stack the pyramids in reverse order, the smallest pawn going on the middle-sized drone, then both on the largest queen piece, you have what is termed a tree. It's another way to utilize the pyramids in a game situation.
The pyramids come in a variety of colours, again making them versatile as game pieces.
The pyramids have been used in the creations of dozens of games, Treehouse, Martian Chess and Pikemen among the more widely recognized.
With IceDice Looney Labs packages 10 pyramids, two sets in five different colours, along with a couple of special dice in a little pyramid bag. In terms of portability the set fits the bill nicely.
Included are also the simple rule sets for two games, the push-your-luck IceDice, which is heavy on luck via the use of dice, and Launchpad 23, again using the dice.
Both games focus on simplicity and fun.
A small booklet gives a taste of some other games which can be played with Pyramids, in some cases with what is in the IceDice bag, and others needing additional pieces. The rules for the games are generally available online.
Overall IceDice is a solid entry to the pyramid system, which when taken as a whole offers games such a diverse range of games you really can't go wrong grabbing this, you will find something you like to play.
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-- Review appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper March 21, 2012 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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