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The surest sign of spring being just around the corner is when Major League Baseball heads to spring camp.
To mark the return of players to the diamonds it is a perfect time to review 'Round the Bases: Major League Cribbage.
When first coming across this game it was simply WOW! The idea of combining my favourite card game cribbage with elements of my favourite sport was tantalizing to say the least.
So as you might have guessed cribbage sits at the heart of the game. Players deal out cards, and play cribbage seeking the same hand combinations as in the regular game.
'Round the Bases does come with a deck of cards with the game's logo on the back, but any deck of cards would have done.
The points garnered in the round, plus those in the hand are recorded, with one player at-bat, the other on defence. When the round is complete, the defensive total is subtracted from the batter (who has the crib). 
If the defence is higher it's an out.
If the batter's total is higher, he starts to peg around the bases. If a runner is on base, they move the same number of spaces as the batter.
Along the way between bases are holes which mark an automatic out if landed in, and others where the batter has to roll dice.
A few neat extras include a home run when a Jack is cut, and a player can attempt a steal based on a dice roll.
I will note that it would be easy to 'home brew' some additional rules, such as cutting an Ace being hit-by-pitch. A Queen might be a balk if players on base, etc. Just an idea to add some more baseball realism.
Still as is, it works pretty well as a baseball simulation pasted onto a cribbage game.
The rule set is pretty straight forward too.
The baseball diamond board is well made, but should have a recess in the back for the pegs. Yes the game has a box, but realistically it's not needed. The pegs and smaller dice could have gone inside the board.
As a game cribbage players may not see the need for the baseball aspect.
Baseball fans though should like a pretty straight forward way to simulate the game they love. Crib after all, is a pretty easy card game to learn.
For me the combo is a definite winner.
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-- Review appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper March 7, 2012 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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