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If I were to list my favourite games of all times Warmachine, a miniature war game from Privateer Press would certainly make the top-five.
Warmachine was actually one of the first games I reviewed, years ago for a toy collecting magazine here in Saskatchewan. The review included material from an interview with designer Matt Wilson. I have since played the ever expanding game for years, and have come to respect the job Wilson did in designing my favoured game.
So when Infernal Contraption (second edition) from Privateer Press and designed by Wilson, was released I was immediately intrigued.
Infernal Contraption has virtually nothing to do with Wilson's other game, being a light, fun-filled card game, a far cry from the heavier theme of vast battles between steam-spewing 'warjacks'.
The game first hit shelves back in 2007, and an expansion followed.
The new edition combines both into a single box, so that is a nice aspect of the release.
"This edition also includes cards from the Infernal Contraption: Sabotage! Expansion, so throw a wrench in your opponent’s plans and watch the resulting madness," explains the box.
The cards here are good quality, with whimsical, but game-appropriate art. That said if you play regularly card sleeves are recommended since these are not as heavy a material as say a good poker or bridge deck.
In terms of play, "where goblin bodgers race to assemble their nigh-uncontrollable machines of mass consumption," details the box.
What that means is simple enough, you play with a sort of dual goal. On one hand you want to build your contraption, but you also need to stay alert to opportunities to thwart the plans of your opponents. Yes this game is really about sabotaging other players, so make sure you play with those who can take being picked on, since that will happen.
If you like putting a monkey wrench into the works of your gaming friends, you will love Infernal Contraption.
As is the case with most card games, the box is small enough to store and transport well.
In terms of games card games are also on the lower end of the price scale, so you can add it to your collection without a second mortgage.
The 'fun' theme, and lighter play, makes this a nice filler, although it can play out at close to an hour with four.
The rule set is pretty straight forward so introducing new players won't be a barrier to play, so haul this one out when you want something to play amid relaxed conversation.
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-- Review appeared in Yorkton This Week newspaper Aug 8, 2012 - Yorkton, SK. Canada

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